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“Hey, my name is Rogue and I am a female film-maker. I was born in Africa but grew up in Australia.  I have also worked in The USA, Europe and The Middle East.  

My time spent at law school (in Aus) has taught me to have an analytical approach to my work - I have a deep understanding of the law which has given me the skill set to meticulously research any subject.  I have spent over 12 years directing, producing, shooting and editing.  You can send me anywhere with just a camera and a bottle water and I will emerge with a smile and a movie. 


I have directed and produced a number of NFL commercials, as well as for for Burt's Bee's, Jack Daniels, Stella Artois,  South Africa Tourism and many more.  I also personally camera operate and photograph stills which have adorned NFL stadiums and been featured in magazines and on billboards around the globe. I received a lot of attention for a short I wrote, directed and produced starring Jon Hamm in 2017 at Sundance as well as directing and producing unscripted work for BET, NBC, Eone and many more. 

I bring a lot of energy, excitement and a unique perspective to all my work. "

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