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“Hey, my name is Rogue and I am a female film-maker. I was born in Africa and became a Kiwi/Aussie - I have also lived and worked in The USA, Europe and The Middle East.  Yes, I have a weird accent from living in so many different countries.

My time spent at law school (in Aus) has taught me to have an analytical approach to my work - I have a deep understanding of the law which has given me the skill set to meticulously research any subject.  I have spent over 12 years directing, producing, shooting and editing.  You can send me anywhere with just a camera and a bottle water and I will emerge with a smile and a movie. 


I have directed and produced a number of NFL commercials, as well as for for Burt's Bee's, Jack Daniels, Stella Artois,  South Africa Tourism and many more. Of course we live in such an exciting digital age and I have been fortunate to regularly produce stills and online branded work for a host of clients.  I also personally shoot film and photograph stills which have adorned NFL stadiums and been featured in magazines and on billboards around the globe. I received a lot of attention for a short I wrote, directed and produced starring Jon Hamm in 2017 at Sundance as well as directing and producing unscripted work for BET, NBC, Eone and many more. 

I bring a lot of energy, excitement and a unique perspective to all my work - so give me a G’Day and let’s make something cool.”

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